Client Testimonials


“BJ was a lifeline for me when i was struggling with hormone imbalance and infertility. She has a gentle way with her clients and is a practitioner with genuine care for her clients”
K Cloney

“When we were told our 5 yr old daughter needed more invasive sinus surgery we decided to see a naturopath. After just one month of taking the medicine Bj gave us and making the changes she suggested the doctor said she no longer needs further surgery! We are so happy”

L Bertram

“I saw BJ after having 3 miscarriages. I took some herbal tablets for a few months and my next pregancy went full term. We now have a beautiful baby girl. thankyou”
K Hunt

“BJ gives the most amazing massages. I dont know where i’d be without her”
A Peck

“I honestly cannot recommend BJ’s naturopathic services highly enough. I first started seeing her early this year (2013) for some assistance in treating my mild anxiety and depression. Within a few visits she had me on the perfect combination of supplements and I was feeling more normal than I had in years. It was quite an interesting outcome for me as although I do believe in natural therapies in complement with medical science I’m not sure I actually thought they could really help me in my situation. I am SO pleased to have been proven wrong.  Since these initial appointments I have worked with BJ to reduce my supplements and find other natural ways to keep the positive effects of them in my life. I have since returned to BJ for assistance with regulating my cycle while trying to fall pregnant. Once again we have had 100% success in a reasonably short period of time. With such great results I am such a naturopath convert these days! BJ also does energy balancing massages which are amazing. I have tried just about every local massage place and BJ’s are by far the best. If you are considering trying a naturopath then I highly recommend you visit BJ. She is the bomb!”
R Johnson