Nutritional Analysis


We’ve all the heard the saying you are what you eat but alot of the time we dont stop to think about the massive impact our diet is having on our health.Its not just what we eat but how well our digestive system is functioning that can impair or improve our health. Nutrients from the food we eat are largely absorbed through different parts of the small and large intestine. But first the food must be broken down. This starts with proper chewing and the help of salivary enzymes. Acids in the stomach, pancreatic enzymes and bile from our gallbladder, with the help of our liver, all play a vital role in breaking food down into its small enough components so that proper nutrient absorption can occur.

There are lots of organs involved so if any one of these areas is not working efficiently we can develop impaired digestion. This can lead not only to tummy problems but in the long run, our blood quality and therefore cellular function cam be effected contributing to any number of common chronic diseases.

Some people find that even though their diet is now good, past problems have lead to improper digestion, so they are not getting the best from that good food they are eating. Herbal medicine can be very good for strengthening digestion and healing the gut lining so that proper absorption can occur.

It is also very important that the body is relaxed for healthy digestion. if you are busy and stressed while you eat your body is probably in “fight or flight” mode which means digestion wont be properly “switched on” – a common cause of reflux, bloating and irritable bowel. So its not just about what we eat but also how we eat it and what state of health our digestive system is ¬†while we are eating.

As a naturopath i can make sure you are making the right food choices for your body type and health issues and get your digestion cranking so that you feel full of life.