Herbal Medicine


For more than a decade I have been witnessing the seeming “miraculous” results that herbal medicines can give. While this may sound over the top, I have had many people come in with complaints that a specialist has been unable to fix, given them some herbs and possibly some diet and lifestyle changes and this relatively inexpensive treatment has resolved issues that the client may have already spent thousands of dollars trying to fix. This is a common story in my clinic. Its not necessarily that these herbs are miracle workers but they certainly are very good at helping the body to heal.

Western medicine can take the approach of trying to block or suppress a problem or kill off a pathogen rather than strengthening the bodies defenses and giving it the nutritional ingredients it needs for healing to occur. Herbs are very rich sources of minerals and other phytonutrients that are easily absorbed by the body. They can be used to help treat most common and chronic conditions. These days I use a lot of good quality encapsulated formulas as the taste of liquid herbal medicines can be off putting for many. But don’t worry, the top quality herbal capsules available these days are very effective.

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