Hair Analysis


A small snippet of clean, untreated hair can be taken and sent to a specialised laboratory who will send us a full report of the results in approximately 2 weeks time. Hair analysis can give a good indication of which elements you may be low or lacking in. This means we can provide you with nutritional supplements that your body is really needing, rather than just taking a multivitamin that may not be doing much to address your real issues. Remember, everyone is different and will have different requirements depending on your diet, lifestyle, past medical history, current problems and inherited strengths and weaknesses. Proper testing and diagnosis takes the guess work out and helps stop you wasting your money on unnecessary supplements and medicines. Our top priority is to provide proper treatment that will have you and others noticing a difference. You know you are getting better because you have more energy, feel happier, have less or no pain etc.. tangible results.

Hair analysis will also show us if you have high levels of any toxic heavy metals that can be common contributors to conditions such as chronic fatigue, recurrent infections, autism and ADD, infertility, pain, skin problems and much more.
If toxic levels do show up, we can use gentle herbal and nutritional supplements to bind to such heavy metals and improve detoxification pathways so that they can be safely eliminated from the body.